Groovy Yurts 12′, Platform, Wood Stove
Groovy Yurts 12′, Platform, Wood Stove
Groovy Yurts 12′, Platform, Wood Stove
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Groovy Yurts 12′, Platform, Wood Stove
Groovy Yurts 12′, Platform, Wood Stove
Groovy Yurts 12′, Platform, Wood Stove
  • January 22, 2024 5:28 pm
  • Vermont

Groovy Yurt 12′ diameter bought new in 2022. Price includes the yurt, Orland Camp Stove, and pine platform…details below..

Yurt is in very good condition. Traditional paintings inside and on the doors, wool insulation all around, and includes house wrap to keep moisture out in this wet climate. Beautiful hand made lattice walls and camel leather details all around. The yurt itself is in just about the same condition I bought it new, with some slight discoloration on the outer canvas that can be easily corrected with vinegar and sunshine.

The platform was designed and built by myself with the help of a master carpenter. It has 2″ of foam board insulation and is very effective at keeping the floor warm even in the coldest of weather. It disassembles into six 4×6 interlocking pieces to make for easy transport, and assembles seamlessly into a beautiful perfect round made for this specific yurt. It sits on a substructure that also comes apart for easy transport. Pine floorboards with pegged screw holes making it really cozy and finely detailed. I built it with love and an attention to beauty.

Wood stove is also included. I bought the Orland Camps Stove new and also assembled a one of a kind flue system to make it compatible with the yurt with high quality parts from Its has 3 sided fire view windows, is extremely efficient burning wood, and heats the space luxuriously. Its seriously beautiful and functional. New, these stoves are imported from Denmark with limited availability each year.

I used this yurt as a private space, like a separate bedroom/office. It can be fixed up to live in full time, or continue to be a gorgeous getaway like it was for me. It is small and super cozy. I want it to go to a good home.

The whole package will be available in the spring or as soon as the snow melts to take down and load up to go to her next home. You can put a deposit down now and I will continue to care for the yurt before you come to collect it in the spring. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions at 413-822-7075.



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